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Sea Intrusion Brings Devastation In Thatta

According to officials, Pakistan loses more than $4 billion annually over climate change disasters such as sea erosion, dry spells and extreme weather patterns. “As the world continues to debate whether climate change is real or not,…

Deadly Wildfires In Australia

"A wildfire in Tasmania" (Picture: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services, via Reuters). While we happily welcomed the New Year in Pakistan, places around the world, like Australia, witnessed a rough start to 2020 with deadly…

Mukalama – A Dialogue on Eco-Islam

‘Do not cut a tree that provides shade in a desert’. ‘Cleanliness is half of faith’. ‘Even if a dog dies thirsty at the banks of Euphrates it is my responsibility’. All of the above are quotes found in Islamic history. These quotes…

People urged to refuse plastic bags

KARACHI: Garbage seemed to be on everyone’s mind at the Sixth Sense Forum panel discussion on ‘Garbage! What is the role of education, universities and social responsibility?’ at the Aga Khan University (AKU) here on Thursday. Dr…

نمک میں گھلتی زندگی!

شبینہ فراز ہفتہ 7 ستمبر 2019 سمندر ڈیلٹا کی زمین کے بہت بڑے حصے کو نگل چکا ہے۔

'Complete ban' on plastic bags in Sindh from October

The Sindh government on Thursday announced it will be enforcing a complete ban on plastic bags throughout the province with effect from October 1.